Oh To Be Young, White and Rich

June 8, 2007

Let me make sure I understand this. Having a “medical condition” can get you released early from jail? What kind of bull**** is that? I think we all know that celebrities are, for the most part, treated very favorably when it comes to our “justice” system. And I’m sure people will say, “Hey, Kobe and OJ got off.” But they weren’t convicted of any crime. And they sure as hell didn’t get out of jail early because they weren’t feeling good.

I wonder how much Sheriff Lee Baca was paid by the Hilton family to facilitate this fiasco. Someone might wanna check his bank accounts and those of his family. Or maybe there was a trust set up for him. I’m sure he didn’t do this out of the kindness of his heart. Because he sure ain’t feeling the love for the poor people that have legitimate medical conditions and are still locked up in LA County’s jail system.

The interesting thing is, Baca is regarded as a very good elected official. So maybe this boils down to getting his agenda for the greater good being helped along by looking the other way. If that’s the case, its really sad that it takes the release of a spoiled, rich heiress to get programs passed and funded that help make LA County a better place for everyone. Me, I would have put them in jail for an attempted bribe.