Sweet Auburn

We have now returned from my family’s reunion, which was held in Atlanta this year. I must say, I was very surprised with how “black” Atlanta is. I knew a lot of young, black professionals moved there, but I still didn’t expect to see so many in one city. It was a nice change. Seeing successful black folks has always warmed my soul.


While we were in Atlanta, we visited the King Center. Talk about a powerful experience. Seeing the grave site, clothes and mementos that he owned just made it more real. It’s one thing to read about Dr. King; it’s quite another to see just how “real” he was. I recommend that visiting the memorial site should be on the agenda for anyone going to Atlanta. Hearing his voice in Ebenezer Baptist is very heart-stirring. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to tour all of the Non-violence display. What we saw, however, was enough to get our blood boiling. That display made me appreciate the sacrifices that were made for me to be where I am today. It also made me resolve to get off my tail and strive for the goals I’ve set for myself.


Our guide told us that Auburn Avenue (Sweet Auburn), where the church and memorial are located, was once the epicenter for affluent blacks. Now, the wealthy blacks have moved to the suburbs. I think this is very important in that the black community’s wealth is no longer centralized. This seems to have happened in most of the major cities. I’m not sure what we can do to regain the closeness and vitality of our communities. But wouldn’t it be nice if we had a lot of “Sweet Auburn’s” across the nation?


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