Career Day

Last week, I got the opportunity to participate in a local elementary school’s Career Day. Since this school was in a predominately black neighborhood, I jumped at the chance. Being a young, black and professional male, I figured I’d show these kids that there are some of “them” being successful in life.

I was pretty nervous about going, however. I wasn’t sure how I could keep a class of 1st, 2nd and 4th graders interested for three 30 minute sessions. Once I got started though, the time flew by. And let me tell you, 4th graders can ask some very intelligent and world aware questions. I don’t remember being that worldly (or big) at that age.

All in all, it was fun a experience and I can hardly wait to participate next year. The only thing I regretted was not giving a good answer to one question. I was asked, “what type of family life did I have growing up?” Now, my childhood was very “Cosby-esque”. I had a very good childhood with wonderful parents. I’m sure most of these kids couldn’t say the same and I regret stressing that regardless of their home life, they could still be successful in life. In fact, adversity or a hard life can bring out the genius in some people. Next year, I’ll stress that.


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