Just for her or both of us?

Well, it’s that time of year where your love is measured in gifts, cards and flowers. Honestly though, I rather enjoy Valentine’s Day. I guess it helps that I’m married to someone that reciprocates my love. It certainly makes it easier and a lot more fun to find that one card that’s just right. However, when I was younger, I really disliked Valentine’s Day. From what I could see, it was just a holiday for females. They were the ones that got all the gifts while us guys had to scrounge up money to pay for said gifts. That’s probably why a lot of breakups happen in October and November. Gotta avoid “gift-giving season”. A prior relationship that I had was the main reason I was turned off on celebrating “V-Day”.


While in college, I dated this female for about a year and a half. We met while we were both at same college and then each transferred to different schools. Her school was close to my hometown and I would visit her and my parents every other weekend. Well, being a college student with no job, funds were pretty tight. When Valentine’s Day rolled around, I didn’t really have any spare money to get a nice gift. My girlfriend picked me up that weekend and brought me home. She let me borrow her car to drive back and forth between her and my parent’s place. That Sunday was Valentine’s Day. While on the way to pick up her up so that she could take me back to school, I stopped and picked up a nice card. When I got to her dorm, I left the card on the passenger seat and went up to her room.


Once I got there, she reached out her hands and said, “where’s my gift?” I told her that I hadn’t gotten her anything and she proceeded to go off on me. I remember something about “not caring about her” and “being too cheap to even get a card.” By this time I was pretty annoyed and ended the conversation by suggesting we leave so she could take me back to school. When she got in the car, she saw the card and looked at me and apologized. Needless to say, that was a pretty quiet two hour drive back to school. After she dropped me off, we kissed each other good-bye and she apologized again. She hopped back in her car and left while I settled into my dorm room. I thought about everything that happened and then it hit me, “that triflin’ chick didn’t even get ME anything. And she cusses ME out?!?!?”


Sad to say, but we weren’t together a few months later. I did learn a lot from that relationship though. That’s why it’s so nice to finally be with someone that appreciates and cherishes you as much as you do them. So to my wife…Happy Valentine’s Day baby.


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