DRM Go Bye-Bye?

Even Steve Jobs thinks DRM sucks. I must say, I almost feel vindicated. Total vindication will happen when music companies totally do away with this DRM nonsense. Believe me, I understand the arguments for it. I just feel that in the long run, its futile. I’m firmly in the camp that believes that if I already paid for the digital media, I shouldn’t have to pay again just to have it in another format. Music companies didn’t have a problem when we made copies with tapes. They only began to care when copies were able to be distributed to millions at a time for free.


One interesting point I’d like to make is, the rise in illegal downloads coincides with the decline in music singles. Right around the time Napster hit the scene, I found it hard to find singles to music I wanted to buy. Those I did find, cost almost as much as the whole album. And record execs wonder why their sales started slipping. Some how, they forgot about the whole “demand” thingy in “supply and demand”. Hopefully Apple will help the music companies see the light. Then I won’t have to register every single computer I use my iPod on.


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