You Can Have Your Hood Boy, I’d Rather Be A Grown Man

To say that Fantasia’s new song “Hood Boy” annoys me is an understatement. Why do music artists insist on repeatedly making ignorant songs as this? Oh yeah, because ignorant people keep buying them. And this is just one of many songs singing the praises of “bad boys”. I swear, I don’t get it. So I asked one of my female friends about her attraction to bad boys. She said it was the excitement, the spontaneity of being with them. The whole “down for whatever”.

Now admittedly, I’m the proverbial “nice guy”. The one your parents love. The educated, intelligent, soft-spoken brother that most of you wouldn’t pay attention to if I were still single. But in my experience, the only exciting bad boys I’ve seen tend to have jail time or an early death in their future. And this is what some females want? There has got to be something mentally wrong with someone that wants a person that they know will mistreat, abuse, and/or disrespect them. Or maybe they naively believe they can change a bad boy. Now where is the logic in that? You want a bad boy so that you can change him into a nice guy? And finding out that your boyfriend, that served a little time, is on the DL must be priceless. Nothing like a little Thuggin’ Love.


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