No Frontin’ Allowed

My wife didn’t believe me until I showed her one when we were out one day. A Mercedes 100 series. That is total comedy to me. If you have a Mercedes 100 series or even a BMW 125, I have one question for you. Why? Is having a foreign luxury car so important to your broke behind that you’d buy the lowest model available, one that has to be special ordered? Let me let you in on a little secret. Those friends that “ooohhh” and “aaahhh” at your 100 series aren’t green with envy. They’re red from laughter.


All that 100 series says is, “I couldn’t afford the 200 or 300 series, so I had the dealer special order the cheapest one I could afford.” The funny thing is, I never thought someone would actually want a 100 series. But lo and behold, I overhead a co-worker brag about how she was going to get her a new 100 series Mercedes. This is the same co-worker that had to declare bankruptcy about 10 years ago. I guess playing “high post” is important to some people.


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